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my insanely artistic friend Maisie refuses to do anything with her natural flare for art. here is a picture i managed to steal of hers.

note: 16yearsold.




  So to cheer myself up because my iPhone screen just shattered into a gazillion pieces, I’ve decided to post some work by the genius photographer Elena Kalis, based in the Bahamas.

  Her photographs just blew my mind! It’s what everybody’s inner child dreams of creating! Remember when we had underwater tea parties at our local pool? When we talked underwater and gazed at the bubbles formed? Elena is able to frame that exact feeling perfectly.

  Her latest series (the first photos) is based on Lewis Carrolls “Alice in Wonderland”. Dreamy and magical, she plays with Carroll’s references: flamingoes, playing cards, rabbit ears and the idea of time floating endlessly in space. Simple, yet beautiful. 


You can check out more of her work on her website + facebook 


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BBC- Ohio 'kidnapper' could be executed.

Ariel Castro, 52, was arraigned in court earlier for the kidnap and rape of Amanda Berry, 27, Gina DeJesus, 23 and Michelle Knight, 32.
the girls who had been missing for almost a decade were discover on Monday when Amanda Berry escaped from the place in which she was being held.

Should the punishment be the death penalty?

Matthew and the Atlas- I Followed Fires

London based Matthew Hegarty.
Hegarty filters his textured and dreamy take on Americana through a distinctly English folk sensibility, and – with his bruised and raw vocal to the fore – tells stories that sound like they’ve been handed down through the ages.

i found out about these guys a few weeks ago, very good, robust folk sound. check them out on youtube, facebook, or on wordpress at






not so little sister.

 not so little sister.

more of her pretty little face


my puppy out on the moors.


Just a snapshot


When will we ever learn?: Common sense and nonsense about today's public schools in America.